Posted by: Deanna | January 29, 2009

Get the Exterminator!

We have a bug in the house.

The flu bug.

Poor Mary has been out of school all week and, at the request of the doctor, she’ll be home until Monday.

Last week she didn’t feel good all week, but she didn’t have a temperature, so I coaxed her through the morning and sent her off to school everyday with a smile, from me, and ‘Do your best.’ as advice.

Monday morning I had a feeling I would be hearing from her and around 11:30 the phone rang. It was the nurse at school.

The rest of the day she rested. Tuesday she camped out on the couch with her drawing supplies and Nintendo DS, but by the evening it really started to hit her and she just watched tv, twisting her hair and sipping on juice and water.

Her fever jumped to 102  Tuesday night and stayed there through the morning yesterday, so I was on the phone to the doctor’s office. We got in around 4:45 and got the news; flu.

Did you know they have a test for the flu now? New to me. The nurse came back in the room to find Mary crying. I was trying to comfort her and tell her that the test was no big deal, a swab of the nostrils. She was tired. She didn’t feel good. She didn’t want any of this.

We came home, note in hand for school, and got her settled again. Sometime later, Mary got very distressed, obviously her brain running laps inside her skull, worrying, wondering, and said, “Mom! You’re going to get the flu! I kissed you the other day!”

I assured her that if I got the flu it wasn’t just because she kissed me. It’s in the house. No big deal. Please stop worrying!

Today I’ll be pampering the kid, reminding her to drink, drink, drink and breaking out the Lysol and scrubbing bathrooms, washing linens and hopefully airing out the house. The weather is mild. It’s raining a bit, not too cold, so maybe I can get the windows open a little.


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