Posted by: Deanna | February 2, 2009

Monday and no school again…

Mary did her very best to feel better over the weekend, but she’s still not quite up to a whole day at school yet. There weren’t the normal signs of  ‘feeling better’; I never heard ‘I’m bored’, she never went upstairs to ‘play’, she just lay on the couch or sat in the chair here where the computer is, talked sometimes, but mostly just stared and twisted her hair.

In the afternoon I prodded her to go up and take a nice hot shower and reminded her that there was school in the morning. She went and took a shower, dragged stuff out of her book bag and worked on some school work, but didn’t look happy about it. She told me later that she was crying in the bathroom at the thought of having to go to school when she felt so bad.

She slept pretty good, I think. I’ll find out when she wakes up. I had Bill just drive into work. I didn’t see her going to school today. She did have more color in her face yesterday, a great thing after being so pale for a week.  Today will be one more day of rest and she’ll have to go to school tomorrow.

I got a little bit of scrapping done! It’s been a while and putting a page together has become quite a chore, but I finished Dayna’s 16th birthday and have 2 pages of her 17th done!  I’ll be starting on Mary’s birthday album as soon as I’m done with Dayna’s.

Today looks like it will be sunny here in Savannah but a bit chilly. I’m certainly looking forward to more Spring-like weather, but not the allergy symptoms that go along with it!





  1. Good Morning!! What has been wrong with Mary anyway? I hope that she is better…i need to get back to scrapping too..I have not done it in a long time. i think that i just get bored and then the will to do it again will come back…
    I see you are on am I…

  2. It’s always heartbreaking when kids are ill.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always good to read fresh blogs 🙂

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