Posted by: Deanna | February 5, 2009

Another Project on the Dining Room Table

After missing a week of school, Mary is doing fine. She took more tests for the gifted program, made up some work that she missed and took a test in science she hadn’t even studied for. And did better on it than half the class who did study.

Way to go, Mary!

She got her list of project options for the book they read in class, The Giver.  So, last night we headed to South Savannah to hit Michael’s to get supplies.

Bill has long been ‘Project Man’. He gets with Mary and they get what she needs, he offers advice and helps her when needed for the construction of whatever project she’s working on. In the past she’s made an Indian village, the anatomy of cell and a few others that I can’t remember without going through all the pictures I’ve taken of them all.

With this in mind, I sent Mary and Project Man off to the side of Michael’s where they would find what they needed and I headed to the opposite side of the store to gaze at all the different yarn. I wander through the aisle, taking in all the color, the texture and fuel my imagination as to what I might make with that horribly expensive yarn that is just waiting for me to buy. Someday. I browse the pattern books; crochet, knit, cross stitch, looking to see if there is anything I haven’t seen before and might, just might, find something I just have to have.

A glance down the aisle and I see Project Man and Mary making their way to me, Mary carrying a foam board and Bill carrying a bucket of modeling clay. Then the questions begin.

“They had a bigger bucket for only four dollars more and has twice as much in it.”

“Well, will that be enough?”

“I don’t know.”

Okay, so we made a decision to get the bigger bucket.

Bill made his way back to the clay aisle while Mary dragged me off to see a Hannah Montana ‘something’ that she just had to have.

Too bad she already spent her allowance! “I don’t care if it is half off! You still don’t have any more money!”

I noticed then that she hadn’t picked up the paint she would need when she was finished constucting her clay buildings and asked why they hadn’t gotten any. “I don’t know!”

Okay, so off we go to look at paint. Bill passed us in THE SAME AISLE then disappeared. I figured he was off to see something that caught his eye. Mary and I found exactly what she needed and waited a minute or two to see if Bill emerged.

No Bill.

 Where did  he go?

We stood in the middle of the main aisle and pretty soon I see him walking up from the front of the store, the light of recognition shining on his bald head. That’s when I knew he’d been walking the store looking for Mary and I.


Oh well.

So, I asked him why they didn’t get the paint.

“Mary said it was cheaper somewhere else.”

The eleven year old had the last word.

Until I spoke up.

Diplomatically, of course.


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