Posted by: Deanna | February 6, 2009

Georgia Day

February 12th is Georgia Day. Mary brought home a note from school stating they will be celebrating Georgia day on Friday, February 13th and they are encouraged to dress in period clothing.


Just so happens there is a HUGE costume store nearby.  Good thing, cuz I don’t sew. I don’t even pretend to sew.

This store is open all year. It’s filled with anything and everything imaginable to dress in whatever you could dream of. We had visited at Halloween and found that snazzy Cleopatra costume.



Mary was in heaven! A very helpful lady escorted us back to the rental side of the store and showed us where to look. They closed in an hour, so we quickly tried on all the ‘Little House on the Praire-like’ dresses Mary could find. Bill was ‘hanger holder’ while I helped Mary get in and out of all the dresses. Thank goodness we don’t live in those times now! It was quite an ordeal, especially since Mary absolutely loved all the frilly ones with buttons and snaps and hooks and bows.  I gently inserted my opinion, “Remember, colonial days, going to school, would you really wear what apears to be fancy dress?”

Mary replies, “Well, I would!”

Of course you would!

She was quite disappointed that we weren’t bringing it home with us. We reserved it to pick up on Thursday next week. I just know she would be wearing that thing every minute possible if we had brought it home.

As Bill filled out the rental form, Mary noticed, behind the counter, a row of drawers all labeled nicely with their contents. She whispered,



“Elvis Parts.”

I can only imagine what she thought was in that drawer.

Come visit next week when I post picture



  1. Elvis parts? ;o) I bet Mary wasn’t the only one left to wonder what exactly was in those drawers. LOL

  2. Can’t wait to see this picture and I too am wondering…what are Elvis parts? Be sure to ask to take a pic of that drawer!

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