Posted by: Deanna | February 9, 2009

Sunday In Savannah

While flitting around on FaceBook yesterday, I found that on Sunday’s many museums in Savannah are open free to the public.



We’ve been here almost a year now and had yet to visit the The Mighty 8th Airforce Museum right here in Pooler. We drive past it a couple dozen times a week, right there off I-95.

So, after lunch, a few games of chess for Bill and Mary and before the salsa production and the project on the dining room table, we drove over to the museum.

The parking lot was full! It seemed everyone had the same idea on such a warm sunny day after all the cold we’ve had lately.

We walked around a couple of planes that are there in the front of the museum. Mary and Bill were deep in conversation much of the time. He would explain what things were and she would compare what he said to her knowledge of planes. She knows quite a bit for a kid after hanging out at Timco in Lake City with him so often.

The museum was packed! People were crowded in the halls that were filled with history. It was difficult to really take it all in, but it will be great to go back when Mary starts studying the second World War.

I took quite a few pictures, but can’t get them here for you to see yet. The computer has decided that I have enough pictures on it and won’t let me upload any more. It’s pouting, stomping it’s feet and refusing to let me figure out how to get around it’s tantrum.

Today it looks like the weather shall be wonderful again! I’m ready for the warmer weather to stay, even though I know my sinus’ will go nuts. There’s always a trade-off, right?


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