Posted by: Deanna | February 14, 2009

Colonial Girl

As you know, Mary waited all week to dress up in the costume we rented for Georgia day. I picked it up Thursday afternoon and she was ready to put it on right then! Of course, we told her that, no, she would have to wait until the morning and sleeping in it was out of the question. (Not really…she didn’t want to sleep in it. She would have stayed up all night playing.)

Friday morning came and there was less moaning and growling when I woke her up. She didn’t want to get up, but knew she’d have to in order to get the costume on. It wasn’t long before the smile found it’s way to her face and she was upstairs in the bathroom, water running, singing to the cat, getting ready for school.

Later, as she sat on the couch putting her socks on she tells me,

“I wish we could wear these kind of clothes everyday and just wear modern clothes on special dress-up days.”

I believe she would if she could!


She was upstairs thumping and banging around for a while before she came down with the pink shawl I’d crocheted for her a while back. I think it went perfect with her dress. Pink and brown together is all the rage today!

As we walked into the school, Mary in her costume and me carrying the project she’d been working on every night all week, heads turned and everyone admired her costume. There weren’t too many kids dressed up, but quite a few teachers were. I left her in class with promises to come back at lunch time.

After school she climbed into the Explorer and I asked her,

“So where should we go to parade you around in your costume?”

I think she’d had enough attention.

She was ready to go home.

She didn’t want to get out of the costume, but wanted to go home.


  1. Wow I love the costume! The shawl is beautiful and I love pink and brown together. lol

  2. Don’t you look adorable Mary!


    Aunt Sherri

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