Posted by: Deanna | February 19, 2009

A Pain in the…

Well, I won’t finish that.

Yesterday was interesting.

It started Monday night when my face and teeth hurt so bad I wanted to rip my head off.  Was it my sinus’ that was making my teeth hurt or my teeth making my whole head hurt? I don’t know. All I know is, other than being in horrendous pain, I scared the dickens out of poor Mary.

She and Bill were here in the study working on something while I was trying to figure out how to MAKE IT STOP HURTING!

I did the usual. I felt the twinge start in my mouth, felt my sinus’ fill up and hit the benadryl and the Orajel, about ten minutes and it all starts working and pain goes away.

Not Monday night.

I grabbed the stronger stuff the pharmacist gave me one day, a Q-tip and doused my gums, but the stuff ran down my throat, numbing my tongue and my throat, making the all too sensitive gag reflex come to life. Bill and Mary come out into the kitchen where I’m gagging in the sink, trying not to cry (cuz that’s just going to fill up my sinus’ and make my face hurt more), and wondering how I’m going to communicate to them what is wrong.

I finally got across to Bill that I needed to go to a dentist. He went in search of where we could go. After about twenty minutes, he’s still trying to get online with the insurance company. I grabbed the phone book and started calling.

No one will help you after hours. No. One.

(This is where I leave out all the colorful colloquialisms that managed to escape my mouth.) 

I managed through the night and got on the phone in the morning. No one could see me until Wednesday.

Appointment at 11:00 a.m. I get there twenty minutes early to fill out the ream of paperwork that always comes with being a new patient. Finish the paperwork, sit down, hanging my head to make the pressure alleviate a bit and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Trying to block out the noise of the two televisions in the waiting room. One playing an infomercial, the other, Spongebob.

Trying to block out the squeals of the toddler banging the blocks on the table. She was just being a kid, doing what kids do. The sound was just magnified in my head.

Over an hour.

I voice my frustration and leave.

I head over to the walk in place. Go inside. Approach the counter and ask,

“How long?”

She told me that it shouldn’t be more than half an hour.

I explain my situation quietly, since the sound of my own voice hurts my head, sign in, take the clipboard with the second set of papers for the morning and take a seat.

I really don’t know how long I waited. I felt like I was in a state of suspended animation, only the thudding of my heart beat in my jaw keeping time with the banging of the kids foot on the chair across from me, reminding me that I was still conscious.

Saw the doctor, well, the intern, got some meds, stopped at the pharmacy, read the bottle, makes you sleepy. Can’t take it yet. Gotta pick up Bill and Mary.

Two and a half hours until Bill gets off work. I park in the Gulfstream parking lot facing the runway, watch the planes take off for a few minutes, then slept.



  1. A.S.S.
    I finished it for you.
    But, I don’t think that’s where your pain seems to be.
    Have you ever seen the photo of me after my front tooth fell out?
    It was the victim of a root canal many years ago.
    Then it died.
    Then it turned gray…heading toward a shade of black.
    Then it got capped.
    Then it fell out.
    Doesn’t this make you feel better?

  2. Gracious..what dentist did you go too??? I think I would have been very very time look for another one…I have never had this kind of trouble here..i just kept looking till I found one that would take me in and take me in NOW!! We really cannot afford dentists so i often wait until it really hurts…i hope you are better..Sandy

  3. Oh my goodness. You poor thing. After reading that I think my mouth and head hurt. I hope you are feeling better now!

  4. Hope your feeling better this week. Haven’t checked in for a while. Long Story. Talk to ya soon!

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