Posted by: Deanna | March 2, 2009

What? No Snow?

When Mary heard there was a chance of some snow flurries here in Savannah she was so excited! We slowly doused her excitement, as all well intentioned parents do, by first telling her that IF there were any flurries it would be during the night while she was sleeping.  And it surely wouldn’t be the accumulating stuff that’s good for snowballs and snowmen and snowangels, but that didn’t damper her spirits that much.

Time to wake her up. It’s Monday. The week begins.  She still flung a few grunts and groans, but once she ran through her list of important stuff for the day in her head (don’t want to get up. don’t want it to be Monday. don’t want to go to school. must torture the cat.)  she popped up and headed to the window.

As the wonderful parent I am, I tried to let her down gently.

“No snow.”

It’s all my fault and I’m sure I’ll be paying for it the rest of the day. I will be the subject of conversation at school as the topic of mean mothers rise to the top of the list, I’m sure.

It’s all my fault.

That’s okay. I can live with that.

Someday she’ll realize that mom does not control the weather, did not invent or destroy Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.  At least she’ll tell me she doesn’t blame me for that and hold a silent grudge for the rest of my life.

Gosh, can’t wait for the sex talk with this one.


Been away from here for a bit. Not a whole lot going on. Face doesn’t hurt so much anymore. Sinus’ are better.

Saturday, while Bill made yet another batch of his sinus detroying salsa for the guys at work, Mary and I went downtown to the convention center to Springtime Made In the South. How cool was this place! I haven’t been to a really good craft show in quite some time, so this was a treat. I wished I had tons of money to spend. Everywhere we looked we found something that we knew we just had to have, but didn’t have the money for.

We did indulge a little. One of the first booths that really caught our eye and kept us looking at everything was Conversation Pieces.  Click on the link and visit her Etsy site! They are really cool!  They made me a nice long lanyard that I want to use to hang my glasses on so I don’t have to go on that inevitable search every five to ten minutes trying to figure out where I’d left them. Mary got a really cool blue necklace with a clarinet charm on it! Very cool! Very reasonably priced! And the couple, Jerry & Donnetta McMullen, a sweet, helpful team.

Another booth Mary was drawn to was one filled with hand-made doll clothes.  Grandma’s Sewing Room had Mary with every pretty, frilly doll dress and doll there on display. Grandma was welcoming and sweet and catered to all the wide-eyed amazement of any doll collector that happened upon her wares. When I mentioned that Mary was into period clothing and had read all the ‘Little House’ books, Grandma brought her a beautiful little ‘prairie’ dress to see. Of course, Mary loved it. Of course, we bought it.


On our way out the door before we completely emptied the checking account we stopped at one more vendor and ooo’d and aahhhh’d over her work. Elizabeth McAfee from North Carolina has the greatest art! Check out her site and look for ‘Going for the Birdie II’. That’s the print I got. I would have loved to get a big framed one, but I bought what I could.

Please take a look at all 3 of these wonderful artists!




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