Posted by: Deanna | March 30, 2009

Please Excuse My Absence!

Tomorrow, our phone, internet and tv will be shut off. (I’m going to miss the LAST episode of ER!) Time to turn in the ‘box’ and modem to the cable company for the move. I would have LOVED to have just had it transferred, but the new place doesn’t have Comcast. The front of the neighborhood does. The back of the neighborhood does. The middle doesn’t. We’re in the middle. We have Hargray.

I know. We’re not going to be forever damaged by not having these services for a week. Or two. But I really like my computer. Maybe a little too much. Maybe we need a vacation. Maybe we need a trial separation. No matter how painful it may be.

Mary will be working into the night getting information saved for her project. She was horrified to know that she wouldn’t have the internet most of the week to work on the project, but I gave her suggestions on how to gather the info and then studying it later, once it’s saved to the computer. That made her feel better. She doesn’t like working at the computer at school much. She’d rather be in the quiet of home to search.

The weekend was productive. Saturday there was threat of a huge storm that didn’t get around to us until the evening. We took a couple of loads over to the new place.  Bill worked at cleaning out the heat/ac ducts as he was certain that the stale smell we noticed was coming from there when the heat/ac was on. Mary spotted a coin down in one of the vents and this sent her into a full fledged treasure hunt. Miss Germiphobe was off with a screwdriver, opening up all the vents to see what the past residents may have left behind and extracting her treasures with various tools to suit her purpose without having to actually touch the treasures until they’re cleaned, fumigated and totally germ-free.

She netted $1.77 in various nickels, dimes and pennies, half a tennis ball, a broken string of plastic beads and dozens of dirty, disgusting pony-tail bands that went into the trash, even though Oreo would have loved to play with them.

Bill cleaned all the vents with only a small delay after clogging all the filters on the vacuum and the suggestion was made to use the shop vac.



It’s all coming together nicely, though. Mary is happy with her new room as things get taken over there. Bill put up her Hannah Montana bulletin board for her. She’s pondering where to put what on her shelves, and can’t wait to get her bedroom furniture there to see how it’s all going to look.

Mary has also been wanting to have dinner at the new house. A real dinner. Not take-out. So tonight we will. I’ll gather what we need and take it over to the house later so we can cook dinner at the new house. Not a spectacular dinner. But dinner, nonetheless.


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