Posted by: Deanna | April 25, 2009

Getting Comfortable

Yeah, I know. We moved again. Always a source of amusement to family and friends; aggravation when same family and friends are, yet again, updating their address books. What can I say. We’re nomads. Not always by choice or wise decisions, but there ya go.

The place is coming together. I have to say I really like it. It’s a mobile home with the same blue carpet we had years ago in the mobile home we had in Indianapolis. The park it’s in has been here a long time and when you first drive in and look at the places up front you notice how old they are, but as you drive through they get newer and nicer. The owners keep up the place nicely, the lawns are mowed, the streets well kept. It’s quiet and peaceful most of the day. The afternoons bring the kids out to play. It’s nice to hear their voices. So far, no problems. Hope it stays that way.

Mary has enjoyed being near her friend, Breanna. They take to the streets on their bikes when they can. 


Mary finally got her really, REALLY pink room. Before we started moving anything into the place Bill painted her room. It’s affectionately called the Pepto Room, much to Mary’s dismay. She loves it though. I’ll have pictures later.

The cats have gotten over the horror of the move and are getting comfy, too.


Oreo looked for the stairs for a while, but soon realized the fun in racing the length of the house,  jumping over the couch and bouncing off the dining room table chairs, occasionally knocking one over. He did sit atop the refrigerator a few times, longing looking across at the top of the kitchen cabinets, wanting to find a way to jump up on top of them. But there’s not enough kitty clearance. There will be a disasterous outcome if he does gather the courage to make the jump one day.

Boris is just pissed. He can’t go outside. Too many feral cats around here.

He did escape one afternoon, but as Mary and I went to find him he was scared as he rounded one corner of the house as Mary came around from the other direction. He made a bee-line to the door and resisted me picking him up just a little. He takes his frustrations out at us by yowling extra loud at the refrigerator, insisting on a slurp of milk whenever he thinks he should have one. Poor Boris.

I’ve got most of the boxes unpacked and things put away. There are some things that haven’t seen the outside of the box in a while.


The knick-knacks.

They crowded around the dining room table one afternoon, witnessing me get all teary-eyed and blubbery as I unwrapped and got lost in the memory of certain ones. Of course, Bill and Mary just thought I was a nut as I told them about my walk down memory lane. Oh well.

Mary has done well in school, despite the constant aggravations. They had an award ceremony Thursday. I made it to school in the nick of time to see her receive her awards. For this nine week period she received High Honor Roll with Distinction and admitted into the National Junior Beta Club. She was SO excited, but SO disappointed that she didn’t get it soon enough to participate in the assembly that was held just a few weeks ago. 

She’s looking forward to the end of the school year, though. This coming week they have the dreaded State testing. Not looking forward to that. She’ll do great, though. Always does.

It’s good to be back online. See ya!


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