Posted by: Deanna | April 28, 2009

Bouncing Bill

Since the word of cut hours and layoffs hit Bill’s job, he’s become a rather bouncing ball. It’s a good thing, really.

First he was loaned out to one department where he sat at a computer and compared this to that making sure everything was even-steven here and there. (That’s as much as I understood it, anyway.) But there was a disagreement between departments and this guy and that guy so Bill was going back to his regular spot. Now he’s over in another department. Here they test plane parts to see what it takes to break them. Bill’s little eyes just lit up when he told me about it! lol He’s looking foward to next month when they bring in a whole plane and torture it. Right now, though, he the ‘saw man’. Everyone starts out on the saw.

And he starts work at 5:45 a.m.


I take him to work in the morning.

Oh well.

As long as I don’t fall asleep once I get back home and make Mary late for school! Looks like it’s time to start training her on that alarm clock she got for Christmas.



  1. Is he one of the guys that gets to shoot frozen turkeys at the windshield? LOL

  2. Isn’t it funny how men get so giddy over things us women find silly. My son loves to take apart anything and put it back together. I could care less about it & it in fact drives me nuts but to see his eyes light up when he’s showing me or telling me about it is priceless.

    I couldn’t imagine having to get up so early to take someone to work. I whine and complain about having to get up at 6:30am. LOL

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