Posted by: Deanna | May 2, 2009

Omelette with a Side of Slime

Since Bill has had Fridays off for a few weeks we started going out to breakfast at the Huddle House. It’s inexpensive and actually quite good!  We dropped Mary off at school with a hug and a kiss and off we went. We settled in a booth near the door, got our coffee and then Bill made a little trip down to the end of the diner to, ummm… wash his hands, I guess.

While Bill was gone an older gentleman came in and sat down in a booth adjacent to us. I didn’t pay much attention. I was watching all the goings on in the place; the servers joking with the regulars, a mom with a cute little baby girl who grabbed everyone’s attention when she came in and the cook working quickly on the grill.

Looking around, sipping my coffee, I caught the gentleman’s eye. I smiled and said “Good morning.”

Then he says, in his certain native Georgia accent,

“You sittin’ there all by yerself this mornin’, darlin’?”

I said no, of course. Nothing else came to mind as I realized the implication that came with the question and the look.


Oh my God!

This unshaven, older gentlemen in need of a spa treatment somewhere, was leering at me. Somewhere in my distant memory I recall the ‘look’, but today I see absolutely no reason to receive it! For heaven’s sake! I was not at my best. I have not become a proper Southern woman since moving to Savannah, only emerging from the house dressed to the nines, hair perfectly coiffed. I don’t even have any 9’s to wear! I have nine year old pants I was wearing and an old but presentable blouse, but no nines.

I was a bit disgusted. I was a bit creeped out.

Thank God Bill came back to the table.





  1. Yuck! i had an experience with a much older man like that in a CVS. I practically ran out of the store.

  2. I completely understand Twice last week, considerably older gentlemen made a ‘pass’ at me – I was so confused, then slightly disturbed, and now, well, I’m distraught at the age group I now apparently appeal to 🙂

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