Posted by: Deanna | May 14, 2009

So, What Day Is It?

I rested so well over the weekend, I think I confused myself for the rest of the week!

Monday afternoon I drove over to Mary’s school to enjoy their Muffins for Mom thing. As I drove up to the school I noticed there weren’t too many cars around other than the normal staff cars in the parking lot. I went inside, signed in, chatted with the receptionist for a minute and then asked her where the muffin thing was.

“Oh, it’s on Thursday.”

“Really!” I smartly retorted, hoping she didn’t see the total confusion on my face.

“Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who came in today for that.”

That was supposed to make me feel better? Not only am I confused, but now I belong to the group of  ding-bat mom’s who didn’t read the paper correctly.

Oh well. At least I didn’t miss it. It’s today. Thursday. Today IS Thursday, isn’t it? Let me check.

So, with nothing else to do Monday afternoon at two o’clock and almost two hours before Mary gets out of school, I decided to go out to the WalMart on 17 to see if they had the ink I needed for the printer. The store here in Pooler hasn’t had it for a while, the shelf standing empty for quite some time. I don’t know if there’s been a run on the #2 yellow ink for the HP printers or they’ve just sadly neglected to restock that shelf in quite some time.

Happily, though, they had it at the ink at the 17 store and after choosing one, noticing how full their ink selection was, I wandered around the store for a few minutes looking at this and that. It’s amazing how a few miles can make a difference in the atmosphere of a WalMart.

This store has wider aisles. It’s set up a bit differently than the Pooler store. And it’s cleaner. I don’t know if it’s cleaner because they’re more diligent or because there is less traffic there on a daily basis, but I don’t get that ‘ick’ feeling in there. I could also equate my feelings for the Pooler store to my bad experiences with the not so likeable staff that I seem to encounter whenever I go into the Pooler store.

At any rate, I wandered around and then headed back to Pooler; the drug store, the library and then the car-pool line back at school.

Bonnie had called me earlier in the day to see if Mary and I wanted to meet her downtown to meet her daughter, Cathy, who was here for the weekend. She came down to visit for Mother’s Day and was staying at the Ellis Inn on Bay Street. It had been raining buckets when we got home, but we hoped it would settle down by the time we wanted to go downtown. There was swimming in Mary’s future. With Breanna. She didn’t care if there were storms, earthquakes or plagues on the news, she was going swimming. With Breanna.

Bonnie, her daughter, Cathy and I had a nice visit. We sat around a table near the pool and talked about this and that, not realizing that the chairs we were all sitting in had been soaked in the recent downpour and now we all had wet pants. We discussed the recent uproar with Breanna’s father a little, but left it alone for the most part with Breanna nearby. We did talk about Bonnie going back to Ohio where she won’t have to work two jobs. I think it will be good for her. I’ll miss her, but she needs to take care of herself and enjoy time with her other kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mary and Breanna had a blast! It was good to see them laughing and playing together.

051109 Ellis Inn Swimming

Of course, their time together was not long enough, but I think their friendship is on the mend. They speak at school. That’s enough for now. I won’t allow Mary over at her house.

The rest of the week has gone by uneventful. My back is still sore, but I’m able to get around pretty much. Vacuuming hurt, so, of course, I stopped that. No sense in aggravating my back again, right?

Today. Thursday. Yeah, today is the muffins for mom at Mary’s school at 2:15. I checked and re-checked and yeah, it’s today.


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