Posted by: Deanna | May 25, 2009

A Long Weekend

The last week or so have been a bit stressful with all the drama with my friend Bonnie. Well, it wasn’t hers so much as it was her son’s, but that’s over. Bonnie is back in Ohio, hopefully where she can be happy and stress free. She arrived safely today. Saturday night Mary and I stopped in at the diner where she worked to see her. I took a few pictures of her and the ladies she worked with there.
052309 Mary and Bonnie

We will miss having her here, but her happiness means the world to us!

Saturday Bill, Mary and I set out to South Savannah to shop for some clothes for Mary. She needed a couple new things for school, even though she only has a couple of weeks left. We found a black skirt that will be perfect for her band concerts coming up and some pants that fit great except for the length. They have an appointment with the alteration lady this coming week. She also found a really cute outfit that is not for school! Jeans, that pretty green top she’s got on in the picture and matching jewelry! She was so excited to find jeans that fit! That’s usually a tough one with the short waisted things the kids where. Ick. The last day of the month is usually when the kids can go to school in ‘regular’ clothes instead of their uniform. Mary can’t wait for the one this Friday!

We wandered around Target, made our usual stop at AC Moore to see what craft stuff was new and shiny, hit a couple of book stores along the way and picked up some movies at MovieStop. Used movies cheap! Perfect! The day flew by! We didn’t get home until ten p.m., passing Bonnie on her way out to work that night! We had a good time, though, especially since our plans for the water park were rained out once again.

Sunday, Mary’s friend came over and spent the day. They built a Barbie metropolis in the back room. We hardly saw them! They had some lunch and it was back in there to play. In the afternoon Mary went to her house to play for a while. Tracy wanted her to spend the night, but I think she’ll have to get to know them a bit better before she’ll be comfortable doing that. Tracy and her parents were very understanding about that.

Today was really quiet. Mary went to Tracy’s for a while, Barbie’s in tow, Bill played his PoGo games here on the computer while I sat and sorted pictures. We flipped channels between the Law and Order marathon and the Bones marathon most of day. All in all it was pretty quiet.

Mary has a field trip tomorrow. They’re heading downtown to take a trolly tour of Savannah. I hope she has a good time. She didn’t seem to excited over it. I think it’s the prospect of being with all those kids all day. At least she won’t be stuck in the classroom!

It didn’t rain today! We’ve had so many rainy days it was great seeing the sun out!

Brought out the bugs, though.

Oh well.


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