Posted by: Deanna | May 28, 2009

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Well, I’ve been talkin’ a LOT!

I’ve been going through all my pictures online, on my computer and in my boxes.

I had NO idea of what I had printed and after receiving a notice from Kodak online about my storage, I decided I had better go through and delete some albums on there.

I have pictures back to 2004 online.

It took me two days to go through my pictures and the online albums to see what I had printed.

I deleted quite a bit, saving my favorites from each (just in case), but there are still many, many….many……many photos online.

Once that was done I decided to face the daunting task of actually getting the pictures I have printed in better order.  I don’t know when I quit being organized with them; I think it was about the time we headed to Florida and the realization of that little town being so…well, never mind. I’m out of that time warp.

Suffice it to say, I have a mess.

Photos 1

Oh look! Pictures from 1995 there!

Photos 2

And a whole lot of pictures that I need to figure out WHERE they go…

Photos 3

These two boxes are JUST Mary pix.

Photos 4

This box has the beginning of Mary’s band stuff and 5th grade events.

Photos 5

And this is full of odds and ends that need to get put somewhere.

Photos 6

And these are pictures before the Anthony household was established, pre-1988. There’s more somewhere…

Photos 7

And there’s the whole shebang!  Whew!

I hope I can get this done before I want to use the fireplace (that’s buried behind all of that) in winter.



  1. I can sooooo relate!! I have.boxes and boxes of pics. I need about 50++ photo albums.

    Have a great day

  2. Funny, I have stacks of boxes & stashs of stuff too. It is one of the things I hope to organize while Miss Katie is in Washington. We shall see. LOL. I do think you have me beat though!

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