Posted by: Deanna | May 31, 2009

Sun and Water

And lots of people!

We spent the afternoon in Statesboro at Splash In The Boro! They opened up for the season last weekend, but, of course, it rained most of the weekend so we didn’t go.

Mary’s friend, Tracy, came along with us to enjoy the day. We packed up all the water paraphernalia we thought we would need and I filled a bag with things to keep me occupied while they were getting wet. I wasn’t getting wet. I wasn’t participating. I’m anti-social that way. No swim suit for me in a crowded public setting.

I had my book, a scrapbook magazine, my ipod and my camera, of course.

It was a great day to be there. It was hot! Really hot! I hung around for a while, took a bunch of pictures and then ran away for a bit. I wasn’t going to Statesboro and not stop in at Hobby Lobby! Bill even looked up the address of a scrapbook store for me to visit. They were closed, though. On a Saturday! Darn! Oh well. I had fun in Hobby Lobby. So many cool things. I picked up a couple things. Nothing too extravagant.

When I got back to the park it had really filled up! Tons of people! Everywhere! We were there for a while longer and then headed home. The girls had had enough.

Splash In the Boro

Skip on over to Mom’s Camera to see all the pictures!


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