Posted by: Deanna | June 5, 2009

And the band played on…

Last night we headed over to the middle school for Mary’s last band concert of the year. Her band teacher, the music teacher and the band director of the middle school organized a great event! Fifth grade band students from elementary schools all over the county got together and played as a group.

The kids left school and headed over to the middle school yesterday around 2:30 to meet with all the other kids to rehearse. Mary was so excited in the morning, gathering her regular stuff for school along with her music stand and a snack for the long rehearsal.

Bill and I, along with Breanna, headed over to the middle school about five thirty, trying our best to get there inbetween the torrential downpours that were coming through sporatically. We didn’t get too wet.

As we walked through the hall, following the sound of the clarinets, we came upon a circle of kids getting tuned up for the performance.

0604 Mega Concert 1

There was Mary in the thick of it. I didn’t recognize many of the kids. Later Mary said that only four of her class’ clarinet players showed up.

It wasn’t too long before all the band members began showing up, finding their seats and getting ready to play.

Mary and Dr. Drum

Mary was ingrossed in conversation with Mr. Chandler as she came in. He is the chorus/music teacher and helps out with the band a lot.

0604 Mega Concert 2

Breanna and Bill were cheesin’ it up for the camera.

0604 Mega Concert 3

As the kids were getting settled in their seats, I snuck over and snapped one of Mary. She actually grinned for me! I know she was wondering if I was going to make a spectacle of myself wandering around taking pictures.

I tried to behave.

0604 Mega Concert 4

The middle school band director welcomed us and let us know how he had enjoyed working with all the kids during the day.

0604 Mega Concert 5

0604 Mega Concert 6

I snuck up to the top of the bleachers to get a picture of the band from above! There are a lot of 5th graders there!

0604 Mega Concert 9

When the last song ended and the applause started dying down, I, once again, snapped a picture of Mary. I think she had a really good time and got a small taste of what is to come in her band career.

She was ready to go home, though.

Long day.



  1. Mary must be about a year older than my granddaughter that lives here in Savannah. Madison is 10 now and going into the 5th grade. Her parents are trying to figure out what to do once she gets out of 5th because they don’t want her to have to go to the middle school that she is supposed to attend. Don’t know what they are going to do.
    I went to a band and chorus concert a couple of weeks ago for Maddie too..What a night!!
    take care and enjoy this day..

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