Posted by: Deanna | June 12, 2009

Beach Day

No need to worry about the rip tides here!

Mary and the rest of the 5th graders had beach day at school! They had sand and sun, but no water, except for the bottled water that flowed freely on a hot day.

Pooler 5th Gr. Beach Day

Mary brought the beach umbrella and they staked out their spot and that’s where they spent the morning. When I got there they were just lining up for lunch. The teachers grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. There were kids camped out all over, in every shady spot they could find, enjoying their lunch.

Around one o’clock everyone went to the gym for awards. Mary was so happy! She got an award for High Honor Roll with Distinction for the whole year, an award for her reading acheivements, and several others that I don’t remember off the top of my head.

I brought Mary, Breanna and Tracy home with me. They were allowed to leave early. I couldn’t see them staying 2 1/2 more hours in that sun and heat. They had fun, but they were ready for some good old a/c. Deanna, another friend from Mary’s class, was a bit upset that we were all leaving and tried her best to guilt them into staying, but it didn’t work.

Today is technically a full day of school, but they are not taking attendance and I’m sure that most everyone will be staying home. I know Tracy and Breanna will be sleeping in this morning. Mary, however, has something going on in the gifted class and doesn’t want to miss it. I’ll pick her up at lunch time, though.

She’s had such a great year. It started out in a wheelchair after her foot surgery and ended with such accomplishment! I’m so proud of her. She had many struggles throughout the year and she did great.

All the pictures from the day are over at Mom’s Camera if you’d like to take a peek!



  1. Hey Mary,

    Congrats on your awards. Love the pics of your day. I will have tons of pics to send you all soon.

    For two girls that complained about having a camera pointed at them a few years ago. Your Sister & Cousin spent A LOT of time taking pics of themselves last week!

    Love you!

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