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Wordless Wednesday~McSharing

Dogs and IceCream

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I found a cool online photo editor and have been playing with it. It’s called Picnik and you can check it out here. 

I love all the things I see people do with Photoshop and other photo editing programs, but I just don’t have the energy to figure out how to do it. Picnik is simple. They figured things out for me. It suits me just fine. Check it out!

I’ve played with a couple of pictures from our day in Statesboro. What do ya think?




May 2009 Tubin Mary

I haven’t tried printing out anything yet. Maybe I’ll play with that later.

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Sun and Water

And lots of people!

We spent the afternoon in Statesboro at Splash In The Boro! They opened up for the season last weekend, but, of course, it rained most of the weekend so we didn’t go.

Mary’s friend, Tracy, came along with us to enjoy the day. We packed up all the water paraphernalia we thought we would need and I filled a bag with things to keep me occupied while they were getting wet. I wasn’t getting wet. I wasn’t participating. I’m anti-social that way. No swim suit for me in a crowded public setting.

I had my book, a scrapbook magazine, my ipod and my camera, of course.

It was a great day to be there. It was hot! Really hot! I hung around for a while, took a bunch of pictures and then ran away for a bit. I wasn’t going to Statesboro and not stop in at Hobby Lobby! Bill even looked up the address of a scrapbook store for me to visit. They were closed, though. On a Saturday! Darn! Oh well. I had fun in Hobby Lobby. So many cool things. I picked up a couple things. Nothing too extravagant.

When I got back to the park it had really filled up! Tons of people! Everywhere! We were there for a while longer and then headed home. The girls had had enough.

Splash In the Boro

Skip on over to Mom’s Camera to see all the pictures!

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Well, I’ve been talkin’ a LOT!

I’ve been going through all my pictures online, on my computer and in my boxes.

I had NO idea of what I had printed and after receiving a notice from Kodak online about my storage, I decided I had better go through and delete some albums on there.

I have pictures back to 2004 online.

It took me two days to go through my pictures and the online albums to see what I had printed.

I deleted quite a bit, saving my favorites from each (just in case), but there are still many, many….many……many photos online.

Once that was done I decided to face the daunting task of actually getting the pictures I have printed in better order.  I don’t know when I quit being organized with them; I think it was about the time we headed to Florida and the realization of that little town being so…well, never mind. I’m out of that time warp.

Suffice it to say, I have a mess.

Photos 1

Oh look! Pictures from 1995 there!

Photos 2

And a whole lot of pictures that I need to figure out WHERE they go…

Photos 3

These two boxes are JUST Mary pix.

Photos 4

This box has the beginning of Mary’s band stuff and 5th grade events.

Photos 5

And this is full of odds and ends that need to get put somewhere.

Photos 6

And these are pictures before the Anthony household was established, pre-1988. There’s more somewhere…

Photos 7

And there’s the whole shebang!  Whew!

I hope I can get this done before I want to use the fireplace (that’s buried behind all of that) in winter.

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A Long Weekend

The last week or so have been a bit stressful with all the drama with my friend Bonnie. Well, it wasn’t hers so much as it was her son’s, but that’s over. Bonnie is back in Ohio, hopefully where she can be happy and stress free. She arrived safely today. Saturday night Mary and I stopped in at the diner where she worked to see her. I took a few pictures of her and the ladies she worked with there.
052309 Mary and Bonnie

We will miss having her here, but her happiness means the world to us!

Saturday Bill, Mary and I set out to South Savannah to shop for some clothes for Mary. She needed a couple new things for school, even though she only has a couple of weeks left. We found a black skirt that will be perfect for her band concerts coming up and some pants that fit great except for the length. They have an appointment with the alteration lady this coming week. She also found a really cute outfit that is not for school! Jeans, that pretty green top she’s got on in the picture and matching jewelry! She was so excited to find jeans that fit! That’s usually a tough one with the short waisted things the kids where. Ick. The last day of the month is usually when the kids can go to school in ‘regular’ clothes instead of their uniform. Mary can’t wait for the one this Friday!

We wandered around Target, made our usual stop at AC Moore to see what craft stuff was new and shiny, hit a couple of book stores along the way and picked up some movies at MovieStop. Used movies cheap! Perfect! The day flew by! We didn’t get home until ten p.m., passing Bonnie on her way out to work that night! We had a good time, though, especially since our plans for the water park were rained out once again.

Sunday, Mary’s friend came over and spent the day. They built a Barbie metropolis in the back room. We hardly saw them! They had some lunch and it was back in there to play. In the afternoon Mary went to her house to play for a while. Tracy wanted her to spend the night, but I think she’ll have to get to know them a bit better before she’ll be comfortable doing that. Tracy and her parents were very understanding about that.

Today was really quiet. Mary went to Tracy’s for a while, Barbie’s in tow, Bill played his PoGo games here on the computer while I sat and sorted pictures. We flipped channels between the Law and Order marathon and the Bones marathon most of day. All in all it was pretty quiet.

Mary has a field trip tomorrow. They’re heading downtown to take a trolly tour of Savannah. I hope she has a good time. She didn’t seem to excited over it. I think it’s the prospect of being with all those kids all day. At least she won’t be stuck in the classroom!

It didn’t rain today! We’ve had so many rainy days it was great seeing the sun out!

Brought out the bugs, though.

Oh well.

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Cat Burglars!

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Braggin’ Rights

Beta Club Certificate 050509

Mary is now a proud member of the National Junior Beta Club! She was so excited to get this! I pointed out that along with the grades she receives, she was chosen ‘because of outstanding character’. Her little cheeks went pink, a little grin appeared on her face as she listened to my praises. I’m so proud of her!

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and she’s reading like crazy trying to make her goal to recieve an award for her accomplishments. She’s been reading every Dear America book she can find. She’s been going through one in about three days. She has plans to go to the library today and check out three books so she has plenty to read through the week and holiday weekend.

It’s been rainy and cool the last few days. We’re hoping the weekend will be nice. We’re planning a trip to Statesboro to the water park there. You know how plans go, though. Hopefully it will all work out.

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So, What Day Is It?

I rested so well over the weekend, I think I confused myself for the rest of the week!

Monday afternoon I drove over to Mary’s school to enjoy their Muffins for Mom thing. As I drove up to the school I noticed there weren’t too many cars around other than the normal staff cars in the parking lot. I went inside, signed in, chatted with the receptionist for a minute and then asked her where the muffin thing was.

“Oh, it’s on Thursday.”

“Really!” I smartly retorted, hoping she didn’t see the total confusion on my face.

“Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who came in today for that.”

That was supposed to make me feel better? Not only am I confused, but now I belong to the group of  ding-bat mom’s who didn’t read the paper correctly.

Oh well. At least I didn’t miss it. It’s today. Thursday. Today IS Thursday, isn’t it? Let me check.

So, with nothing else to do Monday afternoon at two o’clock and almost two hours before Mary gets out of school, I decided to go out to the WalMart on 17 to see if they had the ink I needed for the printer. The store here in Pooler hasn’t had it for a while, the shelf standing empty for quite some time. I don’t know if there’s been a run on the #2 yellow ink for the HP printers or they’ve just sadly neglected to restock that shelf in quite some time.

Happily, though, they had it at the ink at the 17 store and after choosing one, noticing how full their ink selection was, I wandered around the store for a few minutes looking at this and that. It’s amazing how a few miles can make a difference in the atmosphere of a WalMart.

This store has wider aisles. It’s set up a bit differently than the Pooler store. And it’s cleaner. I don’t know if it’s cleaner because they’re more diligent or because there is less traffic there on a daily basis, but I don’t get that ‘ick’ feeling in there. I could also equate my feelings for the Pooler store to my bad experiences with the not so likeable staff that I seem to encounter whenever I go into the Pooler store.

At any rate, I wandered around and then headed back to Pooler; the drug store, the library and then the car-pool line back at school.

Bonnie had called me earlier in the day to see if Mary and I wanted to meet her downtown to meet her daughter, Cathy, who was here for the weekend. She came down to visit for Mother’s Day and was staying at the Ellis Inn on Bay Street. It had been raining buckets when we got home, but we hoped it would settle down by the time we wanted to go downtown. There was swimming in Mary’s future. With Breanna. She didn’t care if there were storms, earthquakes or plagues on the news, she was going swimming. With Breanna.

Bonnie, her daughter, Cathy and I had a nice visit. We sat around a table near the pool and talked about this and that, not realizing that the chairs we were all sitting in had been soaked in the recent downpour and now we all had wet pants. We discussed the recent uproar with Breanna’s father a little, but left it alone for the most part with Breanna nearby. We did talk about Bonnie going back to Ohio where she won’t have to work two jobs. I think it will be good for her. I’ll miss her, but she needs to take care of herself and enjoy time with her other kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mary and Breanna had a blast! It was good to see them laughing and playing together.

051109 Ellis Inn Swimming

Of course, their time together was not long enough, but I think their friendship is on the mend. They speak at school. That’s enough for now. I won’t allow Mary over at her house.

The rest of the week has gone by uneventful. My back is still sore, but I’m able to get around pretty much. Vacuuming hurt, so, of course, I stopped that. No sense in aggravating my back again, right?

Today. Thursday. Yeah, today is the muffins for mom at Mary’s school at 2:15. I checked and re-checked and yeah, it’s today.

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Walkin’ Again!

Made it through the weekend! No fan fare. No big celebrations. Just a quiet weekend, pretty much.

We had planned on going to Charleston on Saturday, a day out of town to celebrate the anniversary, my birthday and Mother’s Day, but it didn’t work out.

Friday my back went out. Could hardly walk. All movement was accompanied by the gutteral moan that I was powerless to prevent. It hurt, darn it!

Saturday Bill and Mary hovered around waiting most of the day to see if I might recover enough to have a late afternoon picnic, but it wasn’t happening. I slept, downed ibuprophen and sat with the heating pad on my back, hoping that Sunday would be better and I could hobble somewhere.

The morning came and I was better, but I really didn’t see me going much of anywhere. I didn’t think I could get down the steps to the car without incident, so I convinced Bill that he and Mary should go out to Tybee, play in the water and sand and enjoy the picnic we missed the day before.

Mary had mixed feelings about going. She doesn’t like to leave someone home. I knew I couldn’t navigate the sand down to the beach even if all I would do is sit in the chair and take in the scenery. They finally gathered everything up and off they went, leaving me with my heating pad and the tv remote. I was perfectly happy. I needed to just NOT do anything to get better, so I did.

Today I’m doing much, much better. I was able to take Bill to work and Mary to school without any excruciating pain as I got in and out of the car. I am still going to be careful about what I do. The laundry is going, the news is on and later I plan on popping in another movie.

Around two I’m off to Mary’s school to share in Muffins for Moms, their Mother’s Day celebration. It’ll be fun. We’ll see if it’s better than Donuts for Dad’s from a while back. You can read about that day here.  I must say, though, that Dad sees more of Miss Moody than I do.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I’m off to pet the cats. Cuz they’re laying on the bed. And while I do that, I can lay down, too.

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Happy Anniversary!

Wow. 21 years.

Twenty one years ago Bill and I got married in Lake Tahoe. At Love’s Chapel. Straight out of Love American Style.

It didn’t matter, though. Everyone we loved was there. Including my dad. He wanted to make sure it would ‘stick’ this time. He’d already given me away once and wanted a bit of a guarantee, I guess. Well, hope he’s smiling somewhere, cuz we’re still here, pluggin’ away.


Along with all the regular excitement of a wedding and the guests and trying to put the babies shoes on (I couldn’t get her to uncurl her toes!) we had snow!

Snow in May!

On my wedding day!

I grew up in Southern California. I don’t remember ever seeing it snow. So it was exciting! Of course, after living in Indiana for a few years I know now that it wasn’t really snowing a lot, but I didn’t care. I hung my head out the window with my hair attached to a curling iron, but, ya know, I was really excited to see those flurries.






This is the view from the condo Bill’s parents rented for the occasion. In the distance is a snow covered Lake Tahoe. I don’t know if Dayna is as excited about seeing snow as I was, but she was enjoying standing there at the glass.

I think we got our answer  about snow and Dayna at Christmas in Mariposa.


I have to admit though, it didn’t help that we got her up before dawn to see the snow.

No wonder she hates snow!

And the cold!

Poor Dayna.

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